Body Treatments

Female | Body Waxing

At Mia Bella, we’re not just about providing top-notch female body waxing services; we’re about respecting and honouring your personal privacy. Our therapists are trained in the art of discretion, ensuring your experience is comfortable, dignified and respectful. We use only the finest quality hot and strip waxes, tailored to your individual skin type and waxing needs. After your treatment, we lavish your skin with luxurious aftercare products, leaving it feeling pampered and cared for.

Seeking a lasting solution for hair removal? Discover the transformative power of our IPL Permanent Hair Reduction services at Mia Bella.

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Male | Body Waxing

At Mia Bella, we understand that grooming is not just for the ladies. Our male body waxing services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our male clientele. Whether it’s for athletic reasons, personal preference, or just to feel neat and tidy, our expert therapists use premium waxes to ensure a smooth, effective treatment. We uphold the highest standards of hygiene and discretion, ensuring every experience is comfortable and respectful. From back and chest to more specific areas, we provide a professional, judgement-free environment.

Seeking a lasting solution for hair removal? Discover the transformative power of our IPL Permanent Hair Reduction services at Mia Bella.

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Female & Male Body Waxing FAQ’s

Why Choose Waxing?
Waxing is a hair removal method. Unlike shaving, it removes hair from the root, leading to finer, sparser regrowth over time.

How Long Should My Hair Be for Waxing?
For the best results, hair should be about 1/4 inch long. This length ensures effective removal. If you shave, wait a minimum of 10 days before waxing to allow hair to reach the ideal length.

Standard Bikini vs. Brazilian Bikini Wax: What’s the Difference?
A standard bikini wax removes hair visible when wearing a bikini. An g-string bikini wax goes further inwards. A Brazilian wax is removing all hair in the bikini area, including the backside. It’s customizable – go completely bare or leave a little, the choice is yours.

How Long Do Waxing Results Last?
Typically, results last 3-6 weeks, varying with individual hair growth patterns. Regular waxing can extend this period, making it an effective long-term hair removal solution.

Is Waxing Suitable for Sensitive Skin?
Yes, when done correctly. Waxing can be gentler than shaving or depilatories, especially for sensitive skin. However, reactions can vary, so it’s important to follow pre- and post-waxing care instructions.

What Type of Wax Do You Use?
We use different waxes for different services. Hard wax, ideal for sensitive skin, hardens on the skin and is then removed. For some services, strip wax is used, applied and removed with a paper strip. All our waxes are of the highest quality, ensuring superior results.

Do You Offer Waxing Services for Men?
Yes, we offer a range of waxing services for men, except for male brazilian waxing.

Is Body Waxing Sanitary?
Absolutely. At Mia Bella, we maintain the highest hygiene standards. There’s no double-dipping of waxing implements, eliminating any risk of cross-contamination.

At Mia Bella, we’re committed to providing a comfortable, effective, and hygienic waxing experience. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a waxing veteran, our expert therapists are here to guide you through the process, ensuring you leave feeling confident and cared for.


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IPL and SHR (Super Hair Removal) Hair Reduction

Welcome to the future of hair removal at Mia Bella. Our IPL Permanent Hair Reduction treatments are a game-changer for both men and women, offering a safe, effective path to lasting smoothness. As leading experts in IPL technology, we’re all about delivering results that speak for themselves.

For those larger areas like legs and backs, we’ve got something extra special – our Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology. It’s the latest innovation in hair removal, combining speed with comfort. Imagine rapid, pain-free treatments that get you back to your day in no time. SHR is our secret weapon for efficient and effective hair removal, cutting down treatment time significantly.

Ready to say goodbye to the hassle of waxing and shaving? Our IPL treatments are your ticket to a carefree, hair-free lifestyle. Start your journey with us by booking an IPL consultation. And remember, for our new IPL clients, a patch test is essential at least 24 hours before your initial treatment. It’s a one-time, mandatory step towards ensuring the best and safest results for you. Join us at Mia Bella, where advanced technology meets personalized care and step into a world of lasting smoothness.

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IPL Hair Reduction FAQ’s

How does IPL Hair Removal work?
At Mia Bella, our IPL Hair Removal is a journey to silky smooth skin. Using intense pulses of light, we target the pigment in your hair follicles. This process not only disrupts hair growth but also leads to a significant reduction in hair over time. It’s perfect for various areas, including legs, arms, underarms, face, bikini region, chest and back.

Why a skin consultation before the first treatment?
Your journey to flawless skin starts with safety. A consultation allows us to tailor the treatment to your unique skin type, ensuring the best results. We also perform a test patch to check for any skin reactions. It’s our way of making sure your IPL experience is both safe and effective.

How many treatments will I need?
Each client’s path to hair freedom is unique. The number of treatments varies based on skin and hair type and the area treated. During your consultation, we’ll craft a personalized treatment plan just for you.

What about safety?
Your safety is our top priority. We’re committed to providing the safest light-based therapies. Our team is constantly updating their skills to ensure every treatment is as safe as it is effective.

Contraindications for IPL Treatment:

  • Recent sun exposure or fake tan
  • Photo-sensitizing medications
  • Recent waxing, epilation, or tweezing
  • History of seizures, keloid scars, or certain medical conditions
  • Recent laser resurfacing or chemical peels
  • Pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, or certain medications
  • Shave before treatments for comfort
  • Avoid treating inflamed skin or areas with suspicious lesions.

 What to expect after treatment?

  •  A mild sunburn-like sensation, usually resolving within a few hours.
  • “Stubble” appearance, which is treated hair being expelled.
  • Use Aloe Vera gel or a cold compress for soothing.
  • Avoid sun exposure and apply SPF 30 or greater.
  • Gentle skincare routine, avoiding harsh products or scrubbing.
  • Follow-up treatments as advised for best results.

Remember, at Mia Bella, your journey to hair-free bliss is in the hands of experts. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a comfortable, effective and safe experience. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, carefree skin. 

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Relaxation Massage

Step into a haven of tranquillity with Mia Bella’s Relaxation Massage, a serene journey designed to soothe your soul and release tension. Our skilled therapists masterfully blend the gentle, nurturing strokes of Swedish massage techniques to create a harmonious experience.

Perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle of daily life, this massage is your gateway to ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Let us transport you to a world of calm, where every touch eases stress and enhances well-being, aligning you with the blissful harmony of relaxation. 

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Relaxation Massage FAQ’s

Dressing for Your Massage: Comfort is Key
At Mia Bella, your comfort is our priority. While undressing for a massage is normal to allow for precise techniques, it’s entirely your choice. Our licensed therapists ensure your privacy and comfort with discreet draping practices.

Hydration: Enhancing Your Massage
Hydration is crucial for maximizing the benefits of your massage. It aids in flushing out toxins from your muscles. We recommend drinking plenty of water post-massage to avoid any soreness and to enhance the rejuvenating effects.

Timing Your Workout
For an optimal experience, we suggest scheduling your massage post-workout. This way, your muscles are primed for relaxation and recovery, making the massage a perfect end to your fitness routine.

Pre-Massage Ritual: Shower for Serenity
A pre-massage shower not only ensures cleanliness but also begins the relaxation process. Warm water helps loosen muscles, preparing you for a deeper, more effective massage.

Breathing: The Key to Relaxation
During your massage, we encourage deep, meditative breathing. This enhances circulation and oxygenation, allowing the massage to work more effectively on your muscles.

Communication: Your Massage, Your Way
Your feedback is invaluable. Don’t hesitate to inform your therapist about specific areas of focus. Our goal is to tailor the massage to your exact needs.

Comfort vs. Pain: Speak Up
While some discomfort is normal, pain is not. Please communicate immediately if you feel any pain during your massage. Our therapists are trained to adjust their techniques to your comfort level.

Ready to Experience Mia Bella’s Massage?
If you’re new to massage or a seasoned enthusiast, Mia Bella is here to guide you through a world of relaxation and rejuvenation. Book your session online or by phone, and choose from our range of specialized massage services, crafted to suit your needs.

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Spray Tan

At Mia Bella, we are proud to offer our clients a luxurious spray tan experience with Naked Tan’s innovative products. Naked Tan, an Australian brand, is renowned for its vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and high-quality tanning solutions.

Their range includes the world’s first 2-hour tan, ensuring a quick yet stunning transformation. These products are designed to provide a natural brown colour, not orange, and are known for their long-lasting results.

Whether you’re preparing for a special event or just want to enjoy a sun-kissed glow, Mia Bella’s spray tan service using Naked Tan products is the perfect choice for a flawless and natural-looking tan.

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Spray Tan FAQ's

What makes Mia Bella’s spray tan service unique?
At Mia Bella, we use Naked Tan’s innovative tanning solutions, which are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and designed for quick, natural-looking results. Our service is tailored to provide a luxurious experience, ensuring a flawless, streak-free tan.

How long does the Naked Tan spray tan take to develop?
Naked Tan is known for its world-first 2-hour tan. This means you can shower just two hours after application, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules.

Will the tan look natural on my skin?
Absolutely! Naked Tan products are formulated to provide a natural brown colour, avoiding the dreaded orange hue.

Is the spray tan safe for sensitive skin?
Yes, Naked Tan products are gentle and suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin. However, if you have specific concerns, we recommend a patch test prior to the full application.

How long will my spray tan last?
Typically, a spray tan can last anywhere from 5 to 7 days, depending on your skin type and how well you maintain it. We provide aftercare instructions to help extend the life of your tan.

Can I get a spray tan for a special event?
Certainly! A spray tan is perfect for special occasions. We recommend scheduling your appointment 1-2 days before the event for the best results.

What should I do to prepare for my spray tan appointment?
For optimal results, exfoliate your skin 24 hours before your appointment and avoid moisturizers, deodorants or makeup on the day of your tan.

Is there any aftercare advice I should follow?
After your spray tan, avoid water and sweating for at least 2 hours. Moisturize daily to maintain the tan and avoid exfoliating until you’re ready for your tan to fade. 

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